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The Sole Source

As a premium bottled natural mineral water, Sole Water is known for its crisp, slightly sweet and refreshing taste. The well-balanced group of minerals in Sole is derived from a natural filtration process as the water works it way through varying geological rocks and minerals to the underground and well-protected source.

The Sum Source is found in the province of Brescia located in the commune of Nuvolento, situated at the foot of a series of limestone hills that rise to the northeast of Brescia. The hills constitute the Brecian Pre-Alps complex. The oligominerale (low in mineral content) water of the Sum Source emerges at the "Via Antica Fonte" in Nuvolento. This surface outlet would seem to correspond to the point at which the limestone-dolomite formation meets the alluvial deposits from the valley of the river Chiese. It is from this basin that the unique and delicious tasting Sole Water is sourced.

A Table containing a mineral analysis is available here.

Passionate about quality

The production of Sole natural water takes place inside a high-ceilinged purpose built building containing a bottling line exclusively for glass bottles. Fonte Sole uses recycled green glass bottles for the classic range because this container has proved to be the very best for preserving the original purity of Sole Water.

Fonte Sole aims to bring the consumer the highest standards of quality management in all aspects of its production through vigorous quality control and constant innovation. Complying with all legal requirements, both Italian and International, Fonte Sole performs numerous tests at their in house laboratory on the production process as well as on the quality of the product itself.

The Quality Managament system of Fonte Sole conforms with the standard UNI-EN-ISO-9001:2000

The Quality Management Certificate is available to view here