Sole WaterSole Water

Why choose Sole?

A selection of comments received from our restaurant and hotel customers on why they pour Sole water

  • The clean, crisp taste of Sole water makes it a perfect accompaniment for any meal.
  • In a market dominated by large corporations, Sole remains a family run, independent company with a focus on giving back to its Italian community roots.
  • Sole Sparkling is a light, refreshing alternative to other more highly carbonated sparkling waters.
  • Their water is naturally low in sodium, making it perfect for low sodium diets. It is classified as oligominerale, low in mineral content.
  • Their bottles are available in a range of sizes that perfectly fit any situation. Both Sole Sparkling and Sole Still are available in the same presentation package, whether Classic or Arte.
  • Sole are dedicated to ensuring their products are of the highest quality, they test all aspects of production in their own laboratory and the water is bottled at the source.
  • Their commitment to the environment is evident in their use of green recycled glass and paper for their bottles; they also offer a choice between one-way bottles and, for the local market, reusable bottles that can be returned to the plant to be refilled.

Italian restaurateurs sometimes ask us why we place an accent on the E of Sole? The reason being to help non-Italian speakers pronounce Sole in true Italian style!